How To Get Dewy Skin

model-with-beautiful-skinDewy skin is something every woman has seen, and most of them want. I definitely envy all those beautiful models. It’s skin that seems to just light itself up. There are a few reasons you want it. The first is that it looks great, the second is that it’s associated with youth.

Luckily you don’t actually have to be a teenager to have the skin of one.

Here are some of the things you can do at home to encourage dewy skin:

Coconut Oil

Coconuts go a long way and coconut oil is one of the most natural and simple skin products you can use. Because of its makeup coconut oil hardens at room temperature and highlights your skin. By putting some on your cheeks, brow, and nose you can create a nice look without having to lather your face in products.

Marula Oil

Marula Oil is sold in most health stores and, if you really can’t find it, pretty much any Whole Foods. Marula oil is a wonderful antioxidant with many skin benefits. It’s one of the most powerful in the world even. All you have to do is keep a spray bottle made up of two parts water, one part marula oil. When you apply your makeup finish off by spritzing your face a few times with the marula oil mix.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is what a queen bee makes instead of honey. It may sound a little gross to apply something to your face that has come from a lot of products come from animals. It also means it’s 100% organic and safe. It’s incredibly nutritious and packed full of B vitamins, amino acids, minerals and basically everything that goes into making skin look great. All in one little package. It’s best to apply some to bare skin before you go to bed and before you put your makeup on.

Mix Your Lipsticks

If you want to create a unique look and feel for your cheeks then all you need to do is blend together two of your lipsticks. Pick out one that’s creamy, but a matte, and one with some shimmer. Put it on your cheekbones when it’s blended and you have a completely unique blush that won’t go anywhere thanks to the properties of the lipstick.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly is also known as Vaseline. Vaseline is what photographers use to get that really shiny look out of a model. It reflects the light of the camera and the spotlights really well. As such it’s a really simple trick that you can do at home yourself with some of the stuff. Just lightly apply Vaseline to your cheeks and brow. You don’t even need to wear makeup with it.

Lip Balm

This is going to sound crazy but some lip balms actually work really well for your cheeks too. You need a lip balm that has pomegranate oil in it as that’s something that’s good for all skin. Just apply a little to your cheeks and it’ll give you a dewy glow thanks to all the natural ingredients.

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