My Kybella Injection for Face Fat Reduction

chin-injectionHi dear readers,

If you know me, you should know I have always been self conscious about my double chin. It has always been a big issue in my childhood. So a weeks ago, i decided to learn more about the ways to get rid of it. I read a lot of articles about the procedure to get rid of face fat in general.

I came  across a great article by a fellow bloger, sophie from my about the available methods to remove face fat here. If you’re getting tired of your face fat and double chin and want to get rid of them you do have some options. thanks again sophie.

One option I got interested in is a cosmetic  procedure such as chin lipo performed called Kybella and many are wondering if it works.

I will get it next month so in the meantime I wanted to write a blog post about it.

Here’s all about the Kybella injection for face fat reduction.

What is Kybella?

The Kybella injection for face fat reduction is a prescription drug known formally as deoxycholic acid. Kybella is a synthetic (man-made) version of one of the substances made in the body to absorb and process fat. The way that deoxycholic acid works is that it destroys fat cells. Injecting it into a specific area, such as the chin, means that it destroys fat cells in that particular area. Kybella injections are used to remove the fat around the chin and neck, commonly known as a “double chin”. Right now Kybella is only approved for this area as it hasn’t been tested on other parts of the body.

How does Kybella Work?

Deoxycholic acid works by absorbing fat cells and then destroying them. Kybella is a synthetic version of this acid which means that it works in generally the same way. It has the same effects as deoxycholic acid. The only difference between the two is that misusing kybella could also lead to other cells being destroyed. So only have it injected by a medical professional who knows what they are doing.

How is Kybella Administered?

Kybella will be injected directly into the skin underneath your chin by a healthcare provider. There can be up to fifty injections of Kybella during a session and overall you should expect there to be up to six treatment sessions in all. It’s also likely that you might be given a numbing agent or an ice pack to help you deal with the pain of the injections and stay comfortable. Treatments are generally done once a month and you should begin to see the results within four sessions.

Kybella Side Effects

Like any drug Kybella has some side effects to go along with the beneficial effects of reducing fat. It’s also possible that you may be allergic to Kybella so please consult your doctor immediately if you suffer from hives, breathing problems, or swelling of the face, tongue, lips and throat following treatment.

There are less serious side effects including:

  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Weakened face muscles
  • Crooked smile
  • Swelling, pain, bruising or general tenderness of the injected area
  • Numbness in the injected area

You should also consult your doctor if you notice any of these side effects or any other changes that occur as a result of taking Kybella.

Kybella is an effective treatment for removing a double chin and a safe alternative to cosmetic surgery. There are some side effects but as long as you consult with your doctor and are honest about any medications or drugs you’re taking you should be safe.

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