About me

picme2Ok time to tell you a few things about me.

I am Olivia Denya, and am the proud founder of this blog ( does it sound very formal? ). I come from netherlands and decided last year to take 6 months off and spend some time travelling and meeting new people around the world.

I am pretty shy to begin with, which is a bit tricky when meeting new people but I guess my shyness is less and less an issue as the more people I meet, the less intimidated I feel.

As we say, practice makes perfect…. 🙂 And I need a lot of practice .

I also decided to start my own new blog. I did not really know what to talk about at first as I am not an expert in any field. I also thought of writing about my travelling experiences but I guess I prefer to keep this to myself and my family. I am not ready to share too personal stuff and I feel this journey is too personal so after several days of brainstorming sessions, decided to write about beauty, cosmetics etc… I may even write more about me as time passes but that will be later. I told you I am shy.

In fact, this blog is also a way to work on my shyness and be able to be more open and less scared  or intimidated by others.

Anyway, I love cosmetics, perfumes, make up, skincare products. I know it can sound superficial and a little childish but when I use beauty products, I feel like I am stronger, more confident. They make me feel better about me… about my looks.

Unlike marylin monroe, I would say cosmetics are a girl’s best friends ( and it is less expensive 🙂 )